WooCommerce Importing

Importing Products from Any Online Shop to WordPress WooCommerce

WP Automatic Plugin automatically imports content from any website. It can develop WooCommerce goods and import them from online stores. It can take everything, including the gallery, pricing, brief description, and description in full.


  • At first, create a new campaign and select the campaign type as multipage scraper campaign and then add the product URL in the items list page URL box.
  • Then click on the locate button and pick the first product from the list.
  • Pick the desired values you want to extract in the content extraction method box. Here the description, short description, price, and gallery have been picked.
  • Then set the post content template from the first part that we extracted with the description using the [rule_1] tag
  • Set the short description, price, and gallery in the custom fields post after ticking the check box.
  • Then set the post type to the product.

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