Changelog / Updates

We always listen to our customers concerns and check suggestions from all sources to make our plugin best and updated.

Version 4.6.0

31st May 2024

New: Updated the plugin to ensure compatibility with the latest PHP version.

NEW: Added support for OpenAI’s new models: GPT-4o and GPT-4-turbo (128k)

NEW: Specific products can now be imported by product ID on AliExpress

NEW: Added a field to import Amazon product reviews as WooCommerce reviews in Amazon Campaigns: ‘Import original reviews as WooCommerce product reviews’ field added.

NEW: Added a shortcode [product_summary] to retrieve the AI-generated reviews summary in the Amazon Campaign

NEW: Added shortcode [product_reviews_text], in Amazon Campaign which retrieves customer reviews list in text format.

Fix: Resolved issues, and the Facebook campaign is now fully working.

Fix: It is now possible to disable the option “Post item even if there is already a posted one from another campaign.

Fix: Craigslist module functional again after recent site updates

Fix: Resolved issues in the Google Places campaign

Improvement: Enhanced security measures to protect against vulnerabilities

Improvement: Reduced resource utilization of the plugin to improve performance

Improvement: Upgraded the GPT 3.5 turbo model to its latest version, gpt-3.5-turbo-0125.

Improvement: All keyword boxes now accept double-quoted keywords.

Version 4.5.0

23rd February 2024

New: Added a campaign option for importing Google Maps places/businesses.
New: Added the new OpenAI model – gpt-4-0125-preview.
New: When using DALL·E 3, users can now resize images to dimensions of 1024×1024, 1024×1792, or 1792×1024 pixels for enhanced customization
Fix: Revised the list of languages supported by DeepL.
Fix: Removed from campaigns due to the discontinuation of the source site
Fix: Optimized the Open AI campaign to efficiently handle larger tokens.
Fix: Now, ‘Set the original meta description as the Yoast/Rank Math meta description after extracting it’ works seamlessly with the Rank Math SEO plugin.
Fix: Amazon product images not displaying correctly in certain themes have been resolved.
Improvement: Optimized the scraping algorithm for better accuracy.
Improvement: Updated Instagram’s content extraction code to handle multimedia posts better.
Compatibility: Compatible with WordPress Version 6.4.3

Version 4.4.9

11th January 2024

New: Added support for OpenAI DALL·E 3 to generate a unique featured image.
New: Now it is possible to import Shorts from Youtube.
New: Added an option in settings to resolve campaign page display issues when it has too many categories; users can specify a limited list for display.
New: Added option ‘Strip Noscript Tag from Post Content’ to resolve the double image issue.
Fix: Featured image issue in Envato Campaign is now resolved.
Fix: Resolved <amp-img> tag issue.
Fix: Facebook campaign updated to adapt to recent algorithm changes.
Fix: Issue with review generation based on [vid_title] using GPT has been resolved
Fix: Updated Reddit campaign to accommodate recent changes.

Version 4.4.8

06th December 2023

Fix: Facebook algorithm to cope with recent changes
Fix: Resolved eBay image extraction
Improvement: Added a new option for user convenience to eliminate H1 generated in the content by Open AI
Improvement: Made minor optimizations and fixed some small bugs.
Compatibility: Compatible with WordPress 6.4.2

Version 4.4.7

05th October 2023

New: Added a new function to extract a part of content before or after specific text. Use the Visual selection for content extraction and in the Xpath section add – substring-after({copied_Xpath}, ‘specific word’). 
Fix: Amazon Campaign fixed including price, sale price, extraction mode. Now working perfectly. 
Fix: Aliexpress issue has been resolved and it is now working again. 
Fix: Facebook campaign high quality image extraction fixed. 
Fix: Aliexpress Campaign module updated. 
Fix: Tiktok Campaign module updated. 
Compatibility: Compatible with WordPress 6.3.1
Improvement: Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs.

Version 4.4.6

01st August 2023

New: Added a new bulk selection option for Activating and Deactivating campaigns
New: Added the option to input multiple OpenAI API keys in the settings page. The keys will rotate automatically for each content generation
New: Added a new campaign type, ‘Telegram,’ to scrape Telegram posts to WordPress.
New: Added the option to easily remove inline images from post content for all campaigns.
Fix: Resolved the Translate Exception error that appeared when using the Google Translator.
Fix: Now, stabilized the functionality of WooCommerce custom product attribute
Improvement: Enhanced Feeds/Multi-scraper og:image extraction algorithm to encompass a wider range of cases for improved performance.
New: Add functionality to customize the post slug length by shrinking it to a specific number of words
Improvement: Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs.

Version 4.4.5

02nd July 2023

New: Added the option “Pause CRON” option for each campaign, which allows the user to temporarily halt automatic tasks for a specific campaign without disturbing other scheduling options, and a global “Pause CRON” option on the Settings page that pauses all campaigns simultaneously. 

New: Plugin capabilities have been enhanced with the latest OpenAI models. The newly added models are gpt-3.5-turbo-16k, gpt-3.5-turbo-0613, and gpt-3.5-turbo-16k-0613. You can select the one that perfectly suits your requirements.

Version 4.4.4

18th June 2023

New: Now, we offer support to import Amazon On Sale Products with the help of shortcodes [list_price_numeric] and [price_numeric]. Furthermore, you can set criteria for approving or excluding a post based on a comparison.
New: It is now possible to post from a specific playlist on YouTube using the URL
New: Now you can add _regular_price and _sale_price for WooCommerce products in the custom fields section
New: On the custom fields section, Amazon now has the option to overwrite the sale price with the list price.
Fix: Twitter is back in action using the Twitter API v2.
Fix: For backward compatibility, Twitter filter:videos are now converted to Twitter has:videos
Fix: Set Amazon Product Description as Post Excerpt for any post type.
Fix: For, the price update feature is now functional.
Fix: The Clickbank API structure issue with the plugin has now been resolved, and it works again
Fix: In the course of processing the campaign, Reddit returned an error, which has now been fixed.
Fix: The error when single quotes are used in the keyword box has been resolved Improvement: Standardized the code to auto-remove quotes from Open AI’s Title
Fix: The issue with extracting the full job description in Careerjet has been resolved
Fix: Resolved the error: Undefined variable $source_link
Fix: Now added Auto clean excluded links cache
Fix: In order to solve the problem of slow GPT-4 calls, the timeout has been raised to 5 minutes.
Fix: Products removed from AliExpress are now removed from the database.
Fix: Rather than inserting new lines, Open AI now allows you to insert br tags.
Fix: Items’ descriptions now get imported correctly from eBay
Fix: In Facebook Campaigns you can download the images to the server as FB now expires image links
Improvement: OpenAI prompt processing in the post template now gets cached in case of timeout errors, preventing repeated calls.
Improvement: If any errors occurred during the process, the Run Now button now indicates them.
Improvement: Youtube Campaign now includes separate options to post videos from Channels and Playlists.
Improvement: It is possible to switch between Legacy and New Page Experience (Page, group or profile?) in a Facebook campaign without starting another campaign.

Version 4.4.3

5th April 2023

New: A new feature has been added that allows you to hyperlink specific keywords with specific links in a one-time operation.
New: A new feature has been added that enables support for GPT-4. You can now click “Modify OpenAI Call Parameters” and select the desired model you want to use.
New: The Multi-scraper/Feeds tool now includes a new feature that allows you to eliminate unwanted paragraphs that contain specific text.
New: Option that allows you to deactivate the default embedding of plugin front-end scripts and styles.
Fix: Curl warnings now fixed. 
Fix: Facebook import small low quality images now fixed. 
Fix: The issue with the Amazon buy now button image has been resolved
Fix: The [gpt] short-code has been updated to work seamlessly on the custom fields section, in addition to the [gpt3] short-code.
Fix: The problem with the Amazon product description for books has been resolved
Improvement: The list of supported languages for Deepl has been updated
Compatability : Compatable with WordPress 6.2

Version 4.4.2

11th March 2023

New: OpenAI API requests now utilize the new ChatGPT gpt-3.5-turbo, which comes at a reduced price and better performance.
New: We now offer support for Web Stories, enabling you to import them, and have added a tutorial for your convenience
New: PixaBay new feature that allows users to use post search keywords as alt text for featured images.
New: Apify new feature that allows users to specify a waiting time in milliseconds before returning the result.
New: The [gpt3]Prompt[/gpt3] shortcode can now be utilized on the custom fields section.
New: Youtube Campaigns now supports transcripts for imported videos. You can use the [transcript] tag to access this feature.
Fix: Google News is now operational again following the recent updates implemented by Google.
Fix: The Translate feature now safeguards the shortcode from being translated.
Improvement: The Cron module updated to improve the performance of automatic posting.


28th January 2023

Fix: eBay marketplace notification verification failed fixed.
Fix: Cron module updated for automatic posting.
Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs.

Version 4.4.1

25th January 2023

New: OpenAI option which allow users to use keywords directly when searching for articles, rather than generating titles.
New: New option to OpenAI which allows you to post only one article per keyword.
New: OpenAI New option that allows users to set a post as pending if the prompt fails.
New: Support for custom REGEX extraction in the Multi-page Scraper original time.
New: Added a new option to the Feeds/Multi-Scraper that allows for search and replace operations on extracted tags.
New: The Multi-page scraper/Feeds feature now has a new option which allows users to remove unwanted parts of a page by using either Visual selector or XPath.
Fix: The OpenAI shortcode [gpt3] for Amazon and walmart campaigns
Fix: If your campaign reached the last page, eBay will now automatically reset the page number to one.
Fix : The Careerjet module has been updated to ensure that the full description of job postings is retrieved.
Improvement: Youtube module has been updated to feature a dynamic date search that will skip posts older than a specified minute.

Version 4.4.0

13th January 2023

New: Live Spinner Module Added for Automatic Spinning
New: Option for adding first image from source, if no images exist in post
New: Rumble Thumbnail extraction
Fix: OpenAI Custom Promt in different languages
Improvement: Image extraction module improved.
Improvement: Now force pixabay option will only post images from pixabay source only.
Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs.

Version 4.3.9

7th January 2023

New: Create articles using OpenAI GPT and utilize them with any module using the shortcode [gpt3] prompt.
New: Now you can embed Rumble Videos.
New: Now you can import WebP Image format.
New: If the option is enabled, Facebook events import now sets the post date to the event start date.
New: Category Selection Scrollbar.
New: Iframe for videos inside content.
New: The ability to translate the text inside the square brackets.
Fix: Following recent FB modifications, Facebook events import is once again functional.
Fix: Amazon bestselling category now working.
Fix: Update notification even after update.
Fix: TikTok module updated. 
Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs.

Version 4.3.8

24th December 2022

New: Iframe image and videos
Fix: Click bank Warning Fixed
Fix: Click bank Categories selection Fixed
Fix: Pinterest Warning Fixed
Fix: Craigslist Warning Fixed.
Improvement : Cron module improved for automatic posting.
Improvement: Spinrewriter Content Quality Enhanced.
Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs.

Version 4.3.7

16th December 2022

Fix: Post Template Title Options.
Fix: Title Translate.
Fix: Double Tag Option.
Improvement: Pixabay Module Updated.
Improvement: WordAI Module Updated.
Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs.

Version 4.3.6

13th December 2022

Fix: Php warnings for reddit campaigns.
Fix: WordAI Module Updated.
Fix: Spinrewriter Content Quality Module Updated.
Fix: Pixabay can now import more images at once.
Fix: Video at feeds sometime not importing fixed.
Improvement: Security enhancement.
Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs.

Version 4.3.5

22nd November 2022

New: Get a new option for title spinning in Spinrewriter.
New: Get a new Youtube tag [vid_duration_in_seconds] for the duration filtering tag.
New: Custom post types can now use to make the permalink link straight to the source.
New: Option for comments filtration and omit those that include a particular term.
Fix: Spinner content Quality High to Low.
Fix: A workaround for sorting WordPress with line breaks inside JavaScript has been added.
Fix: The usernames of the users in Tiktok that contain a dot can now be imported.
Fix: Image not importing for Amazon products now fixed.
Fix: The Instagram-featured image is now properly functional.
Fix: Page reset index is now accepted after 1000 results in CareerJet.
Fix: The fixing relative paths algorithm has been enhanced.
Fix: Useless slashes are now cut out in tags/Categories.
Fix: The book description is now returned by Amazon.
Fix: After reaching page 60, Envato now refreshes the page.
Fix: Pixabay images not frequently posting. API Fixed.
Fix: Encoded characters like & char are now recognized by search and replace.
Fix: Amazon now displays the item’s features and the proper description.
Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs
Compatibility : WordPress Version 6.1.1 Compatible

Version 4.3.4

2nd November 2022

Fix: Select Spinner error in feeds
Fix: Post Contains no images options “skips post” issue fixed
Fix: Images Import for clicking works perfect now
Fix: Apify is back in operation following recent adjustments that resulted in an error field entry. Configuring the proxy is necessary.
Fix: Pixabay Image works perfect now
Fix: Full-text extraction of Facebook group postings works perfect now
Improvement: The URL of the YouTube channel can now be used in place of the ID when publishing.
Improvement: Cron module updated for better performance
Improvement: SpinRewriter Module updated for better rewriting
Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs
Compatibility : WordPress Version 6.1 Compatible 

Version 4.3.3

12th October 2022
New: Option to automatically post direct video URL rather than Twitter embed code
New: Use the Feed/Multi-scraper option to extract the original meta description and add as many SEO meta descriptions as you want.
New: Set flairs as tags/categories on Reddit, then create a new tag [item_flairs] to return them.
New: Twitter’s new tag is [item_video_ url_direct]. to obtain the actual video URL for embedding
New: Option to not remember the URL of imported posts
Fix: eBay has now refreshed the keyword search index after exceeding the eBay limit of 10K results.
Fix: Facebook events import has been restored to function for new page experience pages.
Fix: The method for fixing feeds/multi-scraper relative links has been enhanced.
Fix: Cron module updated
Fix: Product Image Gallery
Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs

Version 4.3.2

6th October 2022

New: SpinRewriter Spinning options added . Now, you can also rewrite content using SpinRewriter
Fix: WordAI Module Updated. Works Perfectly.
Fix: Image import module updated.
Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs

Version 4.3.1

22 September 2022

New: Now you can add filters to LinkedIn jobs
New: Now the filtering options for returned posts by fields include options that are equivalent to a certain value, contain a certain point, are more significant than a certain value, and more.
Fix: The category check option with keyword now correctly works
Fix: User filter for videos in the Twitter format is now functional
Fix: The extraction of single value tag for Feeds\Multi scraper specific part to custom field regex extraction now functions properly.
Fix: License system updated, now you can easily deactivate the key and use the same key on different domain.
Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs

Version 4.3.0

20 September 2022

Fix: WordAI module fixed. Now working
Fix: Pixabay module fixed. Now Working

Version 4.2.9

12 September 2022

New: If the cookie expires and has to be renewed, AliExpress can send an email notification
New: Now you can search Pixabay using title keywords to obtain a featured image.
New: Word.AI Uniqueness options
New: Now you can set the imported product categories as WordPress categories using the Amazon option.
Fix: You can now generate an AliExpress link that is operational again following recent modifications.
Fix:  Creating categories even when the option was disabled; now they are sorted.
Fix: You can now get the option for reviewing work for the most recent WooCommerce version 6.8.2
Fix: Spinner errors messages while importing data fixed
Fix: Double image are importing into feeds fixed
Fix: Image not importing for some feeds fixed
Improvement: Word.AI Module improved
Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs

Version 4.2.8

27 August 2022

New: A new option for email notification is added for Facebook/Instagram sessions to expire
New: The original categories for Feeds/multi-page scraper can now be set as tags
New: Now there is a new option to delete no more available products on Amazon
New: New option to set the products that are out-of-stock to pending and when products back to stock then publish them on Amazon.
New: Now there is a new option to import gallery on Reddit
Fix : Image Import for Feeds
Fix: New option to use the block format instead of legacy to add all content images as a gallery.
Fix: Cron is now updated for bypass Cloudflare and siteground cache
Fix: TikTok is now compatible with non-Latin Keywords like Japanese
Fix: You can now import events from new experience FB pages
Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs

Version 4.2.7

24 August 2022

New: Now Supports Word.Ai for rewriting content
New: featured image option
New: current post tags option supported eg. [original_title]
New: Image Gallery Option
New: Twitter popular tweets option
New: Twitter Recent tweets option
New: Amazon Best sellers Option
Fix: Featured image for feeds fixed
Fix: Facebook import comment working
Fix: Instagram popular posts working
Fix: Import overwriting old campaign fixed
Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs

Version 4.2.6

27 July 2022

Fix: ClickBank not working fixed
Fix: Direct permalink for the source now fixed for eBay and AliExpress affiliates
Improvement: Reduce unnecessary codes for better performance
Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs
Compatibility : Tested Up to WordPress Version 6.0.1

Version 4.2.5

2 July 2022

New: Item condition description eBay new tag
Fix: Amazon API bug
Fix: TikTok server blocked fixed
Improvement: Instagram module improved
Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs
Compatibility : Tested Up to WordPress Version 6.0

Version 4.2.4

22 June 2022

New: Amazon supports Custom Location other then server country
New: [item_comments_count] Instagram Tag
New: Skip live Videos option for YouTube
New: AliExpress
New: YouTube new option to skip live videos
Fix: Image importing in Feeds
Fix: Instagram Comment bug now fixed
Fix: Instagram multiple images
Fix: Instagram Title bug now fixed
Fix: Multi-page scraper now get the title when posting from custom list of URLs
Fix: Multi-page scraper/feed extract by REGEX now return correct result for [rule_1] tag
Fix: Title words as tags now keeps the dot character
Fix: Multi-page scraper title extraction by regex now consider \s
Fix: Twitter post from a specific user up to a specific date now skips pagination
Improvement: Original date extraction algorithm improved for Multi-page scraper
Improvement: eBay module Improved
Improvement: Instagram module Improved
Improvement: Now Supports WebP image file format
Improvement: Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs

Version 4.2.3

28 April 2022

Fix : Google translate Array Error
Improvement : License API Privacy and Performance
Improvement : Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs

Version 4.2.2

21 April 2022

New : Import / Export Feature added
Fix: Google Translate Array error fixed
Improvement : Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs
Improvement : Performance by optimizing codes

Version 4.2.1

16 April 2022

New: [featured_img_id] custom field for creating thumbnail ID
New: [item_rating] Amazon prodyuct new tag for item rating
Fix: TikTok working again
Fix: duplicate custom fields issue fixed for single page scraper update post
Fix: post date stable for single page scraper
Improvement : hyperlinking algorithm
Improvement : Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs

Version 4.2.0

20th March 2022

Fix : Dailymotion back to load as usual
Fix : Facebook Compatibility
New : Amazon new tag for item details [item_details]
Improvement : Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs
Improvement : Performance by optimizing codes

Version 4.1.1

15th February 2022

Fix: Bugs related to the loading of Amazon images
New : CareerJet campaign now allows to import the logo image
New : Now set the slug of the post as the original slug
New : eBay affiliate reference ID support
New : Reddit campaign has now the option to filter videos as “videos only” & “gifs only”
Improvement: Improved license validation system to offer better security
Improvement : Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs

Version 4.1.0

29th January 2022

Fix: amazon “last time price” tag return date correction
Improvement: WordPress 5.9 Compatible UI
Improvement : Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs

Version 4.0.9

23rd January 2022

New: Option to set parent classification for made classes
New: Option to eliminate inline links from the content of the post
Fix: Facebook presently import portrayal if containing statements
Fix: Careerjet full detail extraction better strategy
Fix: Instagram can now import famous pictures without any trouble
Fix: Youtube implant back to load as usual
Improvement : Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs

Version 4.0.8

22th January 2022

Improvement : UI and Readability
Fix: eBay module changed to utilize the new eBay Browse API
Fix: The module currently keep oblique punctuation lines in the title and content
New: Choice to hyperlink explicit keywords with a particular link
New: Choice to not eliminate HTML labels from the title
New: Feeds/multi-scraper feature choice to just really look at the top post
New: Deepl new formality choice for users

Version 4.0.7

20th January 2022

New: Auto-Post LinkedIn

Version 4.0.6

19th January 2022

Improvement : Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs

Version 4.0.5

27th December 2021

Improvement : Modern Dashboard and Navigations

Version 4.0.4

21st December 2021

Fix : Fixed the issue related to logs
Improvement : Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs

Version 4.0.3

8th December 2021

Fix: Fixed the issue related to Citibank settings
Improvement : Made minor improvements and fixed some small bugs

Version 4.0.2

15th November 2021

Fix : Facebook back to import images after new changes
Fix : Readability on campaign page

Version 4.0.1

10th November 2021

Fix : Readability on settings page

Version 4.0.0

3rd November 2021

New: JavaScript support for Single/Multi-page scraper/Feeds
New: Pinterest skip pins with no title
Fix: Amazon price extraction now works with recent changes from Amazon
Fix : Minor bugs

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