How to get eBay API APP ID Key

How to get eBay API APP ID Key

In this tutorial we will take a looks on ways to get eBay API

  1. To get eBay API, you must register at eBay developer site here
  2. If you already have a developer account, you can directly login or you can click register now and fill all the information and click register.
    ebay tutorial
  3. Verify the email.
  4. eBay now review your account and that can take 1 business days , you will receive a email once your account is activated
  5. Once the review is done. sign-in with your credentials
  6. Now click on the username and choose ” Application access keys”
  7. Add any name to your APP name and click “Create a keyset”
  8. Now copy your APP ID and Paste it in Plugin Settings

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