How to auto-post Specific links with WP Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin can automatically post content from feeds, but what if we only want to post certain links and not all feed content?

The answer is straightforward: we’ll utilize a service where we add links, and it gives us a feed link that we can use in the plugin. When we add new links to the service, the feed will be updated.

In this case, suppose the service is


  • To generate specific links we need to utilize a service which is
  • First, we need to log in to the service. 
  • In order to get the feed link, you need to first visit “options” and then the “privacy” option. Or you can also click on this link for getting the privacy options directly.
  • Now disable the authentication option of your feed.
  • After that copy the link of the feed and post it to your WordPress Automatic Campaign.
  • Now you can add items to the feed. For that click the add button on your “getpocket” dashboard.

Tip #1 First, you can configure their add-on so that you have a button in your browser that allows you to add products with a single click.

Tip #2 You Don’t require to repeat any of the steps from above. You can simply add links, and they will instantly appear in the feed. The WordPress automatic plugin will then automatically post from those links.

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