Know used custom fields name using WordPress Automatic plugin

Know used custom fields name using WordPress Automatic plugin

Steps to know the used custom fields names by utilizing WordPress Automatic plugins

With WP Automatic plugin you will get the option to create custom fields for the posts that you have created. 

For example:

When posting from YouTube, you can add the video URL to a custom field that the theme utilizes to display the video. As another illustration, you can use the multi-page scraper to extract a specific portion, such as a displayed address, and save it to a custom field used by a classifieds plugin.


Let us suppose that, a person wanted to save the extracted address to the address field in the listings button used by their classifieds plugin.

  • At first, add a test post and a random address to learn the field’s name.
  • Next, take note of the post ID in the address bar. The value is numerical.
  • In PhpMyAdmin, look for any records where the post id equals the copied numeric value from the address bar.
  • Find a random value and note the key name; in our case, the field’s name was “_address line 1”.
  • Now that we are aware of the field name, we can use it with the plugin’s custom fields option.

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