How to get a YouTube API Key

How to get a YouTube API Key

In this tutorial we will find out steps to get YouTube API , this is a easy process. Let’s start now.

  1. Login into your google account
  2. Visit the
  3. Create a new project and enter your project name
    youtube tutorial first
  4. Once the project is created, click on the select project .
  5. Make sure project is selected and click on APIs & Services
    youtube tutorial second
  6. To activate the Youtube API for your project , click the “Enable APIs & Service Tab
    youtube tutorial third
  7. Now search YouTube and click on YouTube data API v3
    youtube tutorial fourth
  8. Now click Enable , It may take few seconds.
    youtube tutorial fifth
  9. Now click on credentials on your left menu
    youtube tutorial seventh
  10. Now hover on ” Create Credentials” and select ” API Keys”
    youtube tutorial eight
  11. Congratulations, you have finally created your YouTube API , Now copy the API and paste it into plugin settings
    youtube tutorial final

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