How to generate a Vimeo access token

How to generate a Vimeo access token

Now you can automatically post Vimeo post to WordPress using WP Automatic Plugin, just you need a validated vimeo API. So in this tutorial we will see the steps to generate vimeo API.

  1. Visit the link and click Join to create a new account, you can login if you already have your account.
    vimeo tutorial first
  2. Now when you are logged-in, you will see a “create an app” button on top right corner, click that. You must verify your email first then only you can create an app.
    vimeo tutorial second
  3. Now you will have to fill the needed information like your app name, descriptions and agree to the terms of vimeo and click “Create App”
    vimeo tutorial third
  4. Now you have finished creating the App, but you need to generate your access token. For that, click on the “Generate Access Token” under Authentication Tab.
    vimeo tutorial fourth
  5. Now you have successfully generated your access token, copy and paste into plugin settings.

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