Auto-post content from TMZ With WP Automatic Plugin easily

How to auto-post content from TMZ with WP Automatic Plugin

Automatically copy TMZ content to WordPress

With WP Automatic plugin you will get the option to automatically copy content from any website. However, in some instances, the websites include videos that are generated by the site’s own player. Specifically, it uses a specially created Javascript, so even if you transfer the video to your website, it won’t play because you don’t have the same code to do so.

So, in this case, TMZ is the best option. TMZ displays the video URL. In order for the videos to function, WordPress Automatic can change the HTML to be in a WordPress-friendly manner.


  • At first, set the plugin to use the content by using the class article content option.
  • Put the video in this regex’s format. copy from here
  • Then run the campaign

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