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Article Rewriters for WP Automatic Plugin

WP Automatic is one of the best auto-blogging plugins. In order to manage the blogging site easily, then WP Automatic is the best solution for everyone. You can automatically import posts and products from social and affiliate websites. For newbie bloggers who have just launched their websites, WP Automatic is a great plugin for them.

With WP Automatic you can also spin or rewrite the content and import it into your WordPress website.  Get 30 days of Live Spinner API free. 

WP Automatic offers 4 different types of spinners – 

  • Live Spinner
  • WordAI
  • The Best spinner
  • Spin rewriter

What is an article spinner?

An article spinner is basically software that helps to alter the wording or text in a paragraph or in an article. After spinning, the software will create a new article keeping the meaning of the article the same. 

Most people who use spinners are bloggers, marketing teams, content creators, and many more. They will get a new version of the original article that is unique. 

With article-spinning software, one can perform the article-spinning of any text on the internet and then recreate it for the specific requirement. You can post the campaigns on different websites including social media websites, marketing websites, etc.

Do Article spinners work?

Article spinners are a great way to get unique content for your blogs, social media content, and many more that can be obtained from original content on the internet. So, as a result, you don’t have to develop new ideas for your blogs and also manipulate your content. 

The quality of the spun item is determined by the algorithm utilized. Additionally, the paraphrase could introduce unfamiliar or odd words or phrases that need to fit better with the tone, voice, or writing style of your site.

For instance, you may discover that certain synonyms are inappropriate for your blog or unique content. These errors make it necessary for you to modify and polish the spinning information to make sure it makes sense.

Because of this, the instrument cannot be used for business or scholarly endeavors. In these circumstances, your article may become muddled by several uncertainties and factors. Make sure to examine and re-edit the piece numerous times before submission if you want to publish high-quality content.

The significance of article spinner:

Article spinners are the best way to get unique and super content. And also it is easily available. At this time, practically everything is done online, including work projects, student essays, and anything else that comes to mind. As a result, there is a tonne of written tasks that must be completed online.

The problem is that practically everything has already been written about extensively, making it challenging to create entirely original content. In addition to this, it takes a lot of time and is exhausting. As a result, many people who are trying to produce unique and creative material end up confused, frustrated, and mystified.

The greatest tool is an article spinner if you want to create new, original material but don’t have much time. It is not always easy to rewrite existing material to make it fresh and distinctive. This is why an article spinner was created; it is the perfect text spinner and paraphrasing tool to help you create original material with just a few mouse clicks.


Live Spinner

Live Spinner which is exclusively designed for the WP Automatic plugin generates unique content from articles from different websites that will be posted on your WordPress website. Create and publish unique content using Live spinner. The major goal is to provide original content that is based on facts without deviating from the subject. Manually changing each appropriate phrase can be time-consuming and exhausting, and it takes a lot of work.


  1. Free access to API Key for first month. 
  2. Spinning content or articles involves expressing already published information in new ways.
  3. To make your writing unique and appealing, Live Spinner revises the text while substituting a few words with their synonyms and changing phrases, sentences, and occasionally entire paragraphs.
  4. It provides unique content based on facts without changing the topic.
  5. This tool can be used without costing anything. Instantly generate high-quality spun material from any website.



It is a spin rewriter, WordAi. It is a tool or platform that generates several versions of a text using different words, phrases, sentences, or paragraphs based on their synonyms. This process is also known as “article spinning.”

You gave these alternative words, therefore the software will match the synonyms to create distinct duplicates. It took a lot of time, and you were more likely to make mistakes. 

Today’s spinners are far superior in that regard. One benefit is that it prevents you from performing unsavory tasks. When you enter the text and click the right button, several article versions are already available.


  1. With Wordai, one can spin 1 article or 1000 articles in just a click. 
  2. It supports multiple languages such as English, French, Spanish and Italian.
  3. There is also a feature to correct grammatical and spelling errors that is present in the content.
  4. Also, there is a feature to link your Copyscape account in your Wordai and check whether your content is unique or not.
  5. Wordai will reconstruct your sentences and also if there is a list in your content it will also reorder that.
  6. This tool has a simple-to-navigate and easy-to-use interface.
  7. Indescribable synonyms are not selected by Word AI. This program chooses synonyms based on how it interprets the meaning of the statement.

The Best spinner

The best spinner is another very intelligent spinning tool that gives well-written content. It helps in article spinning, paraphrasing, and rewriting. It has the capability of turning your content into a unique one. And that too in a very natural way. This tool has an inbuilt English Thesaurus that is built with advanced features. With the best spinner, one can produce thousands of spun content from one article. 

Because it enhanced user experience without reducing efficacy, it was one of the best updates TBS has ever made. These days, using this program is a lot simpler than it was in the past, and you can still achieve the same rewriting effects.


  1. The integrated English thesaurus is one of this article spinner’s most well-liked features. The thesaurus offers you imaginative word alternatives if you’re trying to build uniquely spun articles. 
  2. By producing articles in several languages, the spinner program enables you to increase the size of your audience. Your English articles can be automatically translated into 14 other languages. Additionally, you can turn your content into audio with The Best Spinner.
  3. With the Best Spinner too, you will get unlimited spinning. This tool offers you two options- nested spinning and manual spinning. But both options will give you unlimited spins. 
  4. You will get a uniqueness comparison matrix. This will show you how unique the spun content is as compared to the original content. 
  5. You can check the uniqueness of your articles using Copyscape with the Best Spinner to prevent unintentional plagiarism. But to accomplish that, you need a Copyscape account.
  6. You might wish to leave some words the same when automatically spinning articles. These words may be search engine optimization keywords or the names of products. You can include certain words in the list of “restricted phrases” when using the software The Best Spinner. These words won’t change no matter how many times an article is rewritten or how many different iterations are created.

Spin Rewriter

An online text-spinning application called Spin Rewriter turns pre-written text into excellent content that readers and search engines will value. With the aid of Emulated Natural Language (ENL) technology, this tool may completely rewrite a document’s vocabulary and organizational structure while still keeping the overall sense of the original text and maximizing readability and uniqueness.

This tool may spin an article (or numerous articles) into distinct versions while preserving their context and content thanks to the advanced technology used. This lessens the possibility that Google and other search engines may flag its output as duplicate content.


  1. You will get many advanced options with spin rewriter. Although Spin Rewriter keeps things straightforward, you still have access to plenty of tools if you need them. Nested spinning, paragraph structure, and Copyscape analysis are all included.
  2. Spin whole sentences, even complete paragraphs. Spin Rewriter is intelligent enough to comprehend the content and produce completely original variations.
  3. You won’t have to be concerned about finding content ever again if you use Spin Rewriter.
  4. Your capacity to develop content will significantly increase. Since you won’t have to rewrite every article, you can start running a lot more blogs and attracting a lot more visitors.
  5. You may store every article you spin online. Therefore, you can employ your previously rephrased materials to produce even more original content if you ever wish to locate them.


We are all aware that one of the key elements influencing a website’s Google ranking is its content. But after a while, creating original content every day would become a tedious effort. Additionally, you can end up producing the same kind of content. Modern authors can produce outstanding material using a variety of approaches that are readily available on the market to reduce repetitive tasks. So, there are different spinner tools that can assist you in consistently producing unique material.

The purpose of spinner tools is to rephrase your information such that it has a clear meaning. Any spinner tool will change your words into extraordinary and unique material if you simply enter the information into it.

With one of the best auto-blogging plugins, the WP Automatic plugin, you will get unique content when you are importing content from different websites. You will also get different types of spinners so that the content is 100% unique and quality content. So, you don’t have to write the content. Also, it will be posted automatically after the content has been fetched. 

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