How to post older TikTok videos to WordPress Via WP Automatic Plugin

How to post older Tiktok videos to WordPress Via WP Automatic Plugin

WP Automatic plugin is able post and import Tiktok videos using a specific user or hashtag, normally the default is set to 15 latest post but if you want to post older videos, you can do it easily by following the steps below :

  1. Open the TikTok profile or hashtag page
  2. Scroll as many times as desired to show the videos you want to import
  3. Right Click on any empty area and click inspect element
  4. Go to the HTML element on the top, right click and copy element
  5. Make sure you checked Extract videos from HTML in Tiktok Campaign
  6. Once checked, you will find a Tiktok Page HTML Box
  7. Paste the HTML you copied in the box and run campaign

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