eBay Settings Documentation


  1. eBay user: Activate this option if you only want to post from a single seller.
  2. eBay site: Link your eBay site
  3. eBay category: Select category
  4. Custom eBay category ID: Simply paste the ID of any sub-category you want to post here. See how to retrieve the ID of any sub-category in this post.
  5. Listing type: Choose listing type
  6. eBay search order: Select search order
  7. price range: If you’d like to post items from the range, check this box.
  8. Top-rated seller: Tick this box if you only want to see items from top-rated sellers.
  9. Search description: Search the description for the terms you’ve provided.
  10. Free shipping: Tick this box if you only want to post items that come with free delivery.
  11. Cache items: Checkout the cache of products
  12. Try to fetch full description: Enable this option to load the original item page and extract the full description.
  13. Append item specification box to full description: Check this option to extract the specification box (if available) from eBay to the description
  14. Try to fetch all images: Enable this feature to fetch all product images and add them as a gallery
  15. Redirect to a specific page if item end date reached: Check this option to auto-redirect a visitor if the item end date was already reached.

Supported tags

  • [item_id]: Product ID
  • [item_title]: Product title
  • [item_description]: Product description
  • [item_images]:HTML code of all product images
  • [item_img]: Product image
  • [item_link]: Product page URL on ebay
  • [item_publish_date]: When item published
  • [item_bids]:Number of current bids if applicable
  • [item_price]: Product’s price
  • [item_bin]: Product’s buy it now price (if applicable)
  • [item_end_date]: Date when the product’s listing ends
  • [item_payment]: Available payment options
  • [source_link]: It will be replaced with the original item source URL
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