YouTube Settings Documentation


  1. Exclude item: Set the condition of exclusions so that the plugin can ignore the video which satisfies the condition.
  2. Post from specific YouTube content: Add channel ID to extract content from that channel only. You can even select a specific playlist of that channel.
  3. Search order: Choose the search order
  4. Category: Select the category of the video
  5. License: Set the license type for extraction
  6. Type: Select video type
  7. Duration: Set the duration of the video
  8. Definition: Set the definition of the video (HD or standard)
  9. Player width & height: Set the height and width of the player
  10. Fetch full video description: Check this box if you want to extract the original description and post it.
  11. Add posts with their original time: Check this box if you want to display the video’s published time as the original time.
  12. Process videos from bottom to top: If you want the plugin to reverse the order of fetched videos, turn this on.
  13. Cache videos: By default, the plugin saves the fetched videos so that they can be posted again later. Deactivate this option if you want the plugin to always acquire new videos from YouTube.
  14. Post YouTube tags as tags: The original video tags from YouTube will be extracted and posted as WordPress post tags.
  15. Autoplay: Enable autoplay video option
  16. Disable suggestions: Check this box to disable suggestions provided at the end of the video.
  17. Post Youtube comments as comments: This option will get the most recent YouTube video comments and submit them as WordPress comments to the post.
  18. Limit search to embeddable videos: Some YouTube videos aren’t allowed to be embedded. If you wish to search for videos that can be embedded, turn this option on.
  19. Search results for a specified country: Set a country so that the results are tailored to that country.
  20. Set relevance to specific language: Set a language that corresponds to the relevancy of the retrieved videos.

Supported tags

  • [vid_player]: Default video player
  • [vid_id]: YouTube video ID
  • [source_link]: The original URL of the video
  • [vid_img]: Thumbnail of the video
  • [vid_views]: View count of the video
  • [vid_rating]: Star rating of the video
  • [vid_desc]: Description of the video
  • [vid_time]: Posted time of the original video
  • [vid_duration]:Video duration
  • [vid_author]: Author’s channel ID
  • [vid_author_title]: Author title
  • [vid_likes]: Like count
  • [vid_dislikes]:Dislike count
  • [source_link]: Source url
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