Vimeo Settings Documentation


  1. Post from specific Vimeo user/channel: Add channel ID to extract content from that channel only. You can even select a specific playlist for that channel.
  2. Search order: Choose the search order
  3. Sorting direction: Set the sorting order
  4. CC filter: Use this option for CC license check
  5. Player width & height: Set the height and width of the player
  6. Add posts with their original time: Check this box if you want to display the video’s published time as the original time.
  7. Process videos from the bottom to top: If you want the plugin to reverse the order of fetched videos, turn this on.
  8. Cache videos: By default, the plugin saves the fetched videos so that they can be posted again later. Deactivate this option if you want the plugin to always acquire new videos from Vimeo.
  9. Post Vimeo tags as tags: The original video tags from Vimeo will be extracted and posted as WordPress post tags.

Supported tags

  • [vid_title]: Video title
  • [vid_title]: Video description
  • [vid_embed]: Video embed code
  • [vid_id]: Video ID
  • [vid_url]: Video url
  • [vid_img]: Video thumbnail url
  • [vid_views]: Number of views of the video
  • [vid_likes]:Like count
  • [vid_duration]:Video duration
  • [vid_width]:Width of the video
  • [vid_height]:Height of the video
  • [vid_created_time]:The time when the video was created on vimeio
  • [vid_modified_time]: The time when the video was last modified
  • [vid_author_name]:Video author name
  • [vid_author_id]:ID of the author
  • [vid_author_link]:URL of the author’s profile
  • [vid_author_picutre]:Author’s thumbnail image.
  • [vid_tags]:Tags of the video.
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