SoundCloud Settings Documentation


  1. Specific user/playlist: activate if you want to post from a specific user or playlist
  2. User or playlist: choose if a user or playlist
  3. User id or playlist id: set the user id if you have chosen a user or a playlist id if you have chosen a playlist
  4. Cache items for faster posting: activate if you want the plugin to cache the items otherwise it will call SoundCloud each time it tries to post.
  5. Process items from bottom to top: activate if you want to reverse the order of the returned set of items from SoundCloud
  6. Post items with their original date: activate this option if you want to post the wordpress posts with the same date of the sound.
  7. Post tags as tags will set the sound tags at SoundCloud as wordpress tags at wordpress
  8. Post comments as comments will set the sound latest 25 comments as wordpress comments.
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