Instagram Settings Documentation


  1. Post from a specific user: to post from a specific user only.
  2. Set tags as tags: to import/extract the tags from Instagram posts and set them as WordPress tags.
  3. Post comments as comments: Tick this option to post comments from Instagram to the published post
  4. Post items with their original date: Check this option to set the date of the post as the date of the Instagram pic.
  5. Cache items for faster posting: Check this option to load Instagram for fresh updated posts
  6. Auto-generate title: Tick this box to automatically generate a title from the description
  7. Limit title: Set number of chars for the title

Supported tags

  • [item_title]: Post’s title
  • [item_id]: Post ID
  • [item_url]: URL of the post
  • [item_description]: Description/caption
  • [item_img]: Post image
  • [item_img_width]: Width of the image
  • [item_img_height]: Height of the image
  • [item_user_id]: User ID
  • [item_user_username]: Account username
  • [item_user_name]: Name of the user
  • [item_user_profile_pic]: Profile pic link of the user who posted the post
  • [item_created_date]: Date of the post
  • [item_likes_count]: Like count
  • [item_tags]: Tags mentioned in the post
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