Additional Settings

Click on the Settings option after clicking on WP Automatic Plugin and you will get some additional settings for your campaign.

Amazon access key: If you wish to add Amazon products to your blog but don’t have an Amazon associate account, you can create one on the official website and acquire an amazon access key from your Amazon account.

Amazon Secret Key: The secret key is displayed close to the access key on the screen. Check the image.

Amazon Associate ID: If you already have an Amazon account, you can earn commissions from buyers who are redirected to your blog by logging in and copying and pasting your associate ID from the upper left of your account, as seen in the image below.

Clickbank: Clickbank username: If you want products from Clickbank to appear on your blog, create an account and enter your username and password.

Flickr: For Flickr API key Click on: to obtain your API key

eBay campaign ID: If you have an eBay affiliate account, you can enter the campaign ID.

YouTube API key: Get your API from your YouTube settings

Instagram API client ID: Get your API from Instagram settings

Vimeo Access Token: You will be able to see it in your Vimeo account settings

Facebook APP ID, APP secret, FB tokens: You will get the options of all these in your FB account settings

Twitter Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Twitter tokens: You will get the options of all these in your Twitter account settings


  1. Cron secret word: Your cron link will be and if you set up your cron job you will need to use the new cron link that appears below after clicking save.
  2. Cron command: copy the command at the yellow box to set up a cron job.
  3. Other Cron command: If the above command didn’t work use this one instead.
  4. Use Built-in Cron: activate this only if you don’t want to set up an external cron job but note that it is highly recommended that you set up an external cron job.
  5. Preview posts in edit screen not via front end: So if you clicked the posted post link it sends you to the post-editing page directly.

Search & Replace

  1. Search the article for words like word1|word2|word3 and replace them (one set per line). If word1 appears in the message, it will be replaced by word2 or word3.
  2. Replace: This option will replace word1 with word2 even if it isn’t a word, therefore it will be replaced even if word1 is a component of a word.


  1. Paste your needed ad codes, such as AdSense code, or write any ad code here: the [ad 1] and [ad 2] shortcodes will replace this code in the created posts.


  1. Proxy List: this list is only used by the articles module. Proxy servers should use port 80 or any other port that is available for connection on your end.
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